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diseases of the esophagus journal

Co-Editor-in-Chief Position Description


The ISDE is recruiting a new Co-Editor-in-Chief with a view to interviewing candidates in April 2024 and beginning the onboarding and training process with the selected candidate in mid-2024.

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ISDE is seeking a gastroenterologist or medical doctor specializing in esophageal diseases, with an international reputation and record of academic excellence in clinical research and wide and inclusive knowledge of the field of esophagology to guide DOTE’s development and advancement over the next 4-8 years. The successful applicant will work jointly with our current surgical co-editor-in-chief, Magnus Nilsson, of Karolinska Institute, to develop high quality, ground-breaking scholarship in esophageal diseases.  In addition to assuming editorial control over the journal, the co-editor-in-chief will manage a staff of 38 associate editors to assure timely and accurate review of manuscripts submitted to the journal.  An honorarium is offered.

The successful application will demonstrate:

  • a strategic vision for the journal’s ongoing development;
  • a commitment to diversity, inclusion, access and equity, that is in line with ISDE’s Position on Diversity & Inclusion;
  • the ability to work collaboratively with the editorial team, staff and publishers;
  • a clear understanding of trends in scientific journal publishing, including optimizing digital functionality and the deployment of social media channels;
  • an international network of colleagues; and
  • prior editorial experience.
    Candidates should also have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by the field of esophageal diseases with a passion to build awareness and improve its visibility, expertise in current scientific methodology.


    DOTE is the leading journal in the field of esophageal diseases with a broad international readership. Published continuously since 1986, DOTE is a leading journal in the field of esophageal diseases with a broad international readership. The journal covers all aspects of the esophagus – epidemiology, investigation and diagnosis, and multidisciplinary treatment. The journal includes primary research papers, short reports, commissioned review articles, correspondence, book and equipment reviews, annotated abstracts and announcements of meetings.

    The 2022 Journal Impact Factor™ for Diseases of the Esophagus is 2.6; the journal is ranked 71 out of 93 in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology category.


    • Serve as Co-Editor in Chief and Co-Chair of the Editorial Board
    • Manage all aspect of the editorial board including (but not limited to) identify appropriate candidates for the editorial board, monitoring performance, and communicating with editorial board members.
    • Process submitted manuscripts to publish the highest quality articles with the highest impact
    • Identify opportunities to improve the impact factor and other metrics of success
    • Maintain the integrity of the journal
    • Work with the publisher to develop a world class vision for the journal
    • Expand the diversity of the journals content
    • Manage the DOTE Awards including selection of recipients
    • Work with the Associate Editor of Social Media and Associate Editor Social Media - China to promote the journal on online
    • Present the Editors Report at least once a year to the Editorial Board and ISDE Board of Directors
    • Serve as ex-officio members of the Scientific Program Committee for the World Congress and ISDE Board of Directors.
    • Work with the ISDE Executive Committee to strategically strengthen the synergistic relationship between the journal and the ISDE
    • Workload: 6-8 hours a week


    • Current member of ISDE and a gastroenterologist or medical doctor specializing in esophageal diseases
    • International reputation in esophagology as clinician and/or scientist and author
    • Experience in editorial work as reviewer, author, and in editorial capacity (assistant editor, deputy editor, editor)
    • Attention to detail
    • Of the highest moral and ethical standard
    • Familiarity with e-publishing and insight into future challenges of medical and scientific publishing
    • Ability to commit time and resources


    Four years, and reappointment for one term is possible.

    USD 10,000 per year

    Editorial Budget
    Only modest expenses are included in the editorial budget which is intended to supplement already existing commitments to attend meetings. Any changes to the editorial budget must be approved by the ISDE Board of Directors.

    Office Support
    The Co-Editors-in-Chief are supported by the Managing Editor. Additional support and resources are provided by the publishing team at Oxford University Press (OUP) and ISDE Secretariat.

    Instructions for Authors


    Submit Application Online

    Application Deadline: April 3, 2024
    • CV
    • A letter (maximum 3 pages) summarizing your vision and goals for DOTE over the next 4 years, with attention to how you would like to innovate and build on DOTE’s success, and to how you will promote diversity, inclusion, access and equity within the journal and the broader esophageal community.

    The following points should be addressed in your letter:

    1. Describe your experiences with DOTE as an author, reviewer, and/or Editorial Board Member.
    2. Describe your experiences with ISDE as a member, committee member, and/or leadership role.
    3. Based on your experiences, what should the new Co-Editor address immediately and in the longer term?
    4. Please list two or three features or opportunities for DOTE that you would add, enhance, or modify as Editor.
    5. What challenges do you expect for healthcare journals over the next 3-5 years? How would you address these challenges and help ensure that ISDE continues to publish the highest quality information?
    6. Please describe how you plan to allocate the time required (6-8 hours/week) for this position. Would it entail modifying your clinical and/or administrative responsibilities?


    If you have questions or need additional information, please contact

    Thank you for your interest.

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