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President's Message

Yuko Kitagawa

Keio University
Tokyo, Japan

New year, new initiatives!

A happy new year to all our members and supporters. 2018 promises to be an exciting year for the ISDE and I am looking forward to working with you all – as individual members, associated societies, affiliated societies and industry experts. Together we can make 2018 another successful year for the society.

2018 brings a full agenda planned for our members and all our stakeholders. The work of the ISDE leadership and committees is already in full swing to make the year ahead to one of the best years in history. Let me draw your attention to three major milestones for 2018:

  • The ISDE World Congress 2018 in Vienna, Austria

The Program Committee created a highly reputable Congress program, which takes place at the University of Vienna. This University calls Sigmund Freud, Erwin Schrodinger, Gregor Mendel, Ernst Mach, Gustav Mahler, Ignaz Semmelweis, Paracelsus, Kurt Godel, Vincenz Czerny, Robert Bárány and Karl Langsteiner its graduates. Live panel discussions from key opinion leaders known around the world and abstracts and videos will discuss the latest scientific findings!  Join us for this very special Congress and don’t miss the chance to submit your abstract before February 19, 2018!

  • ISDE Website and Scientific Content
The scientific content at the ISDE website is constantly growing. Members of the ISDE can watch videos from the last ISDE congresses. All interested experts in the field of the esophagus are invited to watch the round table panel discussions on the website. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks and check our website regularly for new content. I don’t want reveal to much, but another round table discussion is ready to be posted soon and many more ideas are in the pipeline already.
  • Member Communication
It is the ISDE’s mission and task to actively communicate with its members. We especially see our young researchers and colleagues as rising stars and would like to support them as much as we can. It is my pleasure to draw the attention to our newly established “Early Career Physicians” page on the website. Experts of the ISDE are providing tips and tricks in short video clips. Further steps to increase the virtual communication with our members are planned throughout 2018 – stay tuned!

It is my pleasure to serve as your President through the Congress in September and achieve as many goals as possible in that time. I look forward to a very productive year in 2018!

With warm regards,
Yuko Kitagawa, ISDE President

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